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Key Not Turning In The Ignition Barrel On Holden Commodore

Holden Commodore ignition barrel Melbourne locksmith
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You get into your car planing to go in and drive away but when you insert your key into the ignition barrel of your Holden model car, it’s not turning! You look around making sure you’re sitting in the right car, but still no matter how much you try, the key will not turn. You think that turning the steering wheel will help, you try that, but it actually makes it even worse. Now the steering wheel is locked as well.

This situation will happen to you at least once in your life and it actually pretty common and happens in more different makes and models of cars besides Holden. Ford, Toyota and Honda are well known for having jammed ignition lock cylinder. It happens because those ignition barrels are very sensitive and get worn out very fast. After so many years of usage and putting the key in and out, this will wear out the ignition as well as the key and there is just nothing you can do about it. However, what you can do to slow the process is to key the ignition key by itself without any other keys on your key-chain when the key is in the ignition lock cylinder.

The good thing is that you don’t have to get the car towed and usually the ignition barrel will give you hints that it’s going out -“Sticky” key, you can remove the key even when the ignition barrel isn’t on the OFF position and having to turn the steering wheel every time you try to start the car.

If you figure out that your ignition is acting up, it’s much easier to get that fixed before the ignition barrel is fully jammed. An automotive locksmith in Melbourne will be able to help you in both cases. Sometimes, when the ignition lock cylinder is completely jammed, an automotive locksmith Melbourne technician will have to drill it in order to get it to turn and removed.

Melbourne locksmith Holden Commodore ignition

Don’t wait for the ignition barrel on your Holden Commodore to get fully jammed. Ring us now to get an experienced Melbourne locksmith from locksmiths on wheels to unlock your problem. This issue can affect Holden Astra and Holden Barina as well.

Our auto Locksmith specialists at Locksmiths On Wheels will come out to your vehicle and change your stuck ignition barrel and code the new ignition to your old key. We can also cut a new key if needed. Our service is fast and reliable. We also specialize in car key replacement when your car keys are lost or damaged. We service all Melbourne suburbs and our response time is usually 20-25 minutes. Ring now to contact us on 03 8593 7448 for a free quote.

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