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Purchasing a New Home? Get a Lock Rekey Done!

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Buying a new home can be an exhausting task for most people. Taking so long finding your dream home, but what most people forget is to keep your new property secured. In most cases, you don’t know much about the person you bought the property from and you don’t even get to meet him or her let alone the fact that this property might have been rented out.

First thing to do when purchasing a new property is to get the keys changed

You don’t have to change the locks, we at Locksmiths On Wheels can come out to your location and just change the barrel on all of the exterior locks. Most of the time, you can have one new master key to operate them all. We also recommend upgrading your security with high security locks for your own security and having the feeling of security when you are in the place you call home.

Renting a property?

We advise you to contact your real estate agency and ask them to get a lock rekey done and/or get the keys changed out. They will either send over their Melbourne locksmith or tell you to get your own locksmith Melbourne company and get it done. 

In the U.S market, real estate companies and property managements are required to get the locks changed before a new tenant moved in – in Australia unfortunately this is not the case.

Lock barrel rekey is a fairly simple procedure. the existing locks on your door will not be changed but only the pins that are inside those barrels will. The pins will be fitted to a new key what will make the old key to stop operating the barrel. This is the most cost effective solution if you’d like to prevent anyone with the old keys that used to operate the locks from entering your premises.

What are the benefits of getting a lock rekey done?

Melbourne locksmith lock rekey

Cost effective

When a professional locksmith in Melbourne comes out to your house for a service call, he doesn’t have to change the actual lock hardware Which might be very expensive sometimes. The locksmith will only change the internal parts of the lock that are being worked on as well as the pins in the barrel.

More convenient – takes less time

Getting a lock rekey done usually takes a professional home locksmith less than half the time then changing the actual lock.

Security wise

When you are getting your locks rekeyed, you have the option to request a high security lock rekey. The home locksmith in Melbourne can fit your locks to a key that is more pick and bump proof(depending on the type of locks) and also security top pins can be added what will increase the security of your locks.

We at locksmiths On Wheels know how important it is to keep the place you call home safe and secured. Our home locksmiths can come out to your house and provide you with a security survey and advice you on how to update your security and upgrade your locks if needed, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Are you in need of a locksmith service in Melbourne?

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