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How to Remove a Broken Key from Lock?

How to Remove a Broken Key from Lock
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The idea of your key getting stuck into a lock is horrible! Whether it is the car key or the key of your house or safe, if it ever gets broken and sticks inside the ignition, you have no other way than to call an efficient locksmith Melbourne. Now, keys can get broken due to various reasons. It can be because of long use, improper use, not oiling the lock for a long time, the material of the key is not good, or using in hurry, and all. But, when it happens, locksmiths Melbourne can rescue you from the problem. Let’s find out what you should do when such misfortune happens.

What to Do Once the Key Is Broken?

First of all, if you get the cracking sound as soon as you try to open the lock, get sure that the key is broken. Do not follow any DIY method and call a locksmith in Melbourne. They will help you to get out of the situation. How is it risky if the lock is broken?

  • The broken key can damage the lock.
  • If the key is broken before you close the door, you can’t lock your house or car and leave it open to risks like theft.
  • If the key breaks after you close the door, you can’t open the door unless you fix the issue.
    All these situations can put you in big trouble, so you need to call a locksmith near me immediately to bring you out of such a tricky situation.
How to Remove a Broken Key from Lock
How to Remove a Broken Key from Lock

How to Remove the Broken Part of the Key from the Lock?

If you notice the part of the broken key is seen from the outside, you can use your fingers to pressurize the part and pull it out. But, it is always recommended not to try any such things and call a locksmith North Melbourne.

How to Prevent Keys from Breaking?

Broken keys are a headache and no matter if you find a cheap locksmith Melbourne, you have to pay something all of a sudden. So, it is always better to take some precautions:

1.Lubricate the Lock Often

If the lock is not well-maintained for a long time, it can get damaged. This is one of the biggest reasons why the keys get broken. You can use a silicon-based lubricant inside the keyhole of the lock every six months to keep the lock working smoothly.

2.Replace the Keys

Using the same key for years after years can damage the lock and the key both. As a result, it can break. So, you can change the key as soon as you see it is wearing off. Throw the old one and make a copy of it.

Do You Need an Emergency Locksmith Service?

Yes, if your key is broken and you can’t open the door of your house, car, safe, or anything, or your property is left open to the threat of burglary, you need an emergency service. Emergency locksmith services can provide you-

  • Services at late night or early morning
  • Services when accidents happen all of a sudden
  • Services at a cheaper rate

Hopefully, here you get what to do if the key is broken. Don’t get stressed as emergency locksmith services are always available to help you.

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