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Auto locksmiths can utilise one of six main methods to gain entry to a car

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Has being locked out of your car ever necessitated the services of a locksmith for you? But did you know that Car locksmiths who work on cars and those who work on emergency situations are two whole separate industries?

Although by searching with car locksmith near me, most locksmith services are equipped to help if you become locked out of either your home or vehicle, it is still a good idea to verify this fact before calling for assistance.

Auto locksmiths are trained to unlock vehicles using a variety of methods. If you’re curious about the methods used by locksmiths to open automobile doors, here are six of them.

Lishi Picks, as a Method

Lishi picks, which are made of titanium, are commonly used to break into cars. Due to the wide variety of Lishi picks available, the first step in using one requires the car locksmith to evaluate the key way to determine which Lishi pick should be used.

The locksmith will insert the Lishi pick into the lock while simultaneously adjusting the wafers within the lock to the correct places once they have determined that a Lishi pick is the ideal tool for the job. The procedure will be finished after this!

J&L Hardware and Supply

Additionally, locksmiths typically use J and L tools when opening doors. The J tools are commonly used for older automobiles because the switch lock and unlock buttons are typically situated near the inside panel of the doors.

The J tool allows the user to get access to the vehicle via the open roof. The vehicle is then maneuvered to reveal the unlock button, at which point it can be opened.

The Third Item Is A Slim Jim

The Slim Jim is a common instrument used by professionals who offer automotive locksmith services. Search with locksmith near me car key replacement and get the finest one for you. The first step in unlocking a vehicle is for the locksmith to place the slim jim tool between the rubber seal and glass.

Fourth, a malfunctioning key extractor

A broken key is a common cause of being locked out of an automobile. If you try to open the door with a broken key, you may have shut the door behind you. A broken key extractor is a special tool used by locksmiths to remove damaged keys from locks.

Once they get it retrieved, a duplicate key can be made and utilised to gain access to the vehicle. Those who stole the original key will use this duplicate.

Locksmiths can use a tool made for removing door handle clips to aid in extracting the damaged key from the lock. This allows auto locksmiths Melbourne to detach the retainer clip that normally holds the car door handle in place.


In today’s technologically advanced world, locks and safety systems in vehicles of varying makes and models often need to be individually programmed to function properly.

Anti-theft device Re-flashing

As a deterrence against theft, an immobiliser prevents the engine from starting should a would-be thief try to steal the car.

In some cases, however, the immobiliser can become inoperable, preventing the automobile from starting even when the key is entered.

Observations and Final Thoughts

From this guide, you can learn about the symbiotic relationship between the locksmithing and automobile industries and how it has evolved to reflect the needs of modern society.

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